Why is Hydroblasting the best form of road marking removal

Hydroblasting is one of the most effective ways to remove road markings; it is a powerful, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic cleaning solution. THB uses filtered water with no chemical additives to hydroblast the road markings under ultra-high pressure until the hard surfaces are spotlessly clean.

Afterward, our operatives will utilize our patented vacuum recovery system to extract all the loosened dirt particles and water from the road until the surface is nearly dry. Then we will safely store the extracted waste materials until they can be disposed of safely. The client doesn’t have to worry about any of the clean-up duties. We take care of all the clean-up responsibilities ourselves.

Hydroblasting is a quiet, quick, and clean method of removing road markings. Best of all, it doesn’t leave a carbon footprint on the environment. Clients can feel good about contributing to the national agenda of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. We always strive to comply with local and UK regulations to promote a clean and safe environment.

Each of our hydroblaster units can clean as much as 10,000 square metres of road space within an eight-hour period. In addition, there is minimal disruption to road traffic and surrounding neighbors because our hydroblaster units act silently, even when blasting out water under ultra-high pressure.

THB offers an economical and more effective way to remove road markings compared to the traditional asphalt retexturing and cleansing services. Our technicians have the equipment and experience to deliver fast and efficient road marking removal services on every job.

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