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Street furniture and signage enhances the experience of the citizens and tourists on the road. It guides them and allows them a place to rest if they have been out and about for a long time. At THB, we design street furniture and do everything from conceptualizing to executing the project.

Our furniture signage is widely used for streets, areas, parks, schools, and much more. Here is everything you need to know about our street furniture and signage in London.


What We Offer

We offer the conceptualization and installation of various street furniture such as:

·  Lamp posts

·  Railings

·  Benches

·  Litterbins

·  Posts

·  Tree grilles

·  Shelters

·  Cycle parking

·  And much more


We also offer street signage to help people navigate areas. These include:

·  Warning signs

·  Wayfinding signs

·  Street name signs

·  Custom signs

·  Floor signs

·  Free-standing signs

·  And much more

THB works exclusively with private organizations and county councils to provide signs that fulfil many purposes.


Why Choose Us?

We offer solutions to private organizations too. As a business, you can use our signage for promotional purposes. We can help you draw attention to your business so your marketing can be successful. Besides that, here are the many reasons why you should choose us:

1. Quality Street Furniture And Signage

Our focus on quality is one of the top reasons why we are the leading providers of street furniture and signage in London. We use the latest technology and materials to offer durable and practical solutions to pedestrians. It enhances their experience and helps them be safe on the road.

THB has a passionate team that does not compromise on quality and sources the best materials. You can count on us to provide you with the highest quality standards.


2. Solutions For All Businesses

We don’t just offer street furniture and signage. You can also utilize our signage for your business. That is because safety signs, directional signs, and many others are a necessity in the workplace. As an employer, you need to ensure such signage is everywhere in your workplace.

That is where THB comes in. We offer all types of signage solutions so your business can provide a safe environment for your employees. We have worked with many businesses over the years and we are well-versed with the requirements.


3. Advertising Purpose

We offer custom signage solutions to everyone out there. As a business, you can such signage for marketing and promotional purposes. Over the years, we have helped many businesses do successful promotion and advertising of their business.

Our multi-functional signage solutions are the top reason why many businesses opt for our solutions.


Contact Us Now

If you want the best street furniture and signage in London, look no further. We offer a full range of solutions to all our clients. For more information on our full range of services, feel free to get in touch with us now.

You can tell us your requirements and we will let you know our estimate quotes. You can then make an informed decision.

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