Colourful Crossings Kent

Cities across the world have crossings on their roads to walk easily on the road and feel protected and safe. Most crossings, known as zebra-crossings, are, as the name suggests, zebra coloured. Black and white vertical lines have become a universal signal for a pedestrian crossing. Kent is one of the few cities that has looked to renovate and up their game regarding their crossings within the cities.

Our company specialises in ensuring that we provide multiple cities with colourful crossings so that the pedestrians feel happy and interested and manages to bring a smile to their faces. Colourful crossings have become a new trend where it helps make the community feel better and manages to create an overall positive environment.


Here are a few reasons why the colourful crossing in Kent has been a success.

·  Makes Children Feel Safe

Children all over the world are scared of traffic. The fast cars and the honking add to the anxiety levels of children. That is why we have introduced colourful crossings because the colourful patterns and markings make the children feel safe. It makes them feel like it is an interesting concept and they want to cross it eagerly. The different colours make the children feel safe and calm.

The colourful crossing is also beneficial if children can see it from afar and prepare themselves before crossing the road. It helps them deal with the crossing in an emotionally healthy and safe way.


·  Can Be Witnessed from Afar by Drivers

The colourful crossings help drivers notice the crossing from afar. It helps protect those that are using the crossing the road, especially children and older people. They can slow down their vehicles enough to avoid any accidents or casualties.


·  Helps People with Visual Impairment Spot It Easily

One of the biggest reasons our company has introduced colourful crossing is that safety should be for everyone. Inclusivity is something that has been lacking in a lot of major city decisions but we, as a company, decided that we will ensure that the crossing is colourful enough that people with visual impairment can see it.

Starting from the crosswalks to then all other road networks, we aim to introduce different innovative ideas that are inclusive to all people regardless of their impairments or disabilities.


·  Beautifies the City

Last but not least is the simple fact that having a beautiful crosswalk with vibrant colours and abstract art manages to not only attract pedestrians but also help increase the beauty of the city. Imagine all the crosswalks in your city have different artwork and colours; it would be interesting and exciting to cross the road.

Beauty in a city can be greenery and aesthetically pleasing building and art that can be constructively used. We ensure that all the art is done professionally and carefully so that it is also not a risk for the drivers. We aim to up the game when it comes to playing our part in beautifying the city, and this is how we plan to do it.

Sustainability is key, and we are on our journey to being SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting) accredited

From planning to Implementation, we are a Self-Delivery business

We always aim to source the most Sustainable materials

We reduce our Carbon output by using local suppliers & resources

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