Oil Spill Removal Newham

Do you need an oil spill removal service performed in Newham? If so, you should choose a company with the proper accreditation and certification to perform this specific task.

THB has been the premier provider of oil spill removal services in Newham for over 20 years. We hold all the necessary credentials to perform oil spill clean-up work professionally and safely. Our oil spill removal methods are guaranteed to keep the environment safe without damaging any property in the process.

It is critical to have oil spills removed quickly in Newham. The local government does not react too kindly to companies that leave oil spills unmaintained. But you don’t have to worry about getting into legal trouble if you hire a professional oil spill removal company to start the clean-up process immediately.

THB is proud to offer emergency oil spill removals at any time of the day or night. We are committed to keeping the local environment safe and secure as much as you. Oil may be an excellent commodity for humans, but it can become a deadly resource if directly exposed to plants and mammals. That is why we act quickly to protect the environment by expediting every oil spill clean-up project.

With all of our oil removal services we use our market leading hydroblaster unit to remove all debris. There is no run off when using our hydro blaster system which means that it is environmentally friendly and all of the waste is stored onboard. We then dispose of all waste matter in a safe and environmentally friendly way.


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The sooner you remove the oil spill, the sooner you can return to business as usual in Newham. Then all the worries about hurting the environment and violating the law will be over. So, get started by hiring our professional oil spill removal specialists at 0800 0146 420.

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