Oil Spill Removal Hertfordshire

THB is an accredited and certified oil spill removal company in Hertfordshire. We have the necessary tools, equipment, training and experience to perform any oil spill removal job in the county. Our team utilises the most innovative and advanced techniques for removing oil from properties in a timely and sophisticated manner. We’re confident you will be impressed with the speed and professionalism of our services.


Maintain Health and Safety on Your Property

There are so many reasons why removing oil spills is vital. Maintaining the health and safety of the people on your property is the most important reason. Oil can be harmful to the health of humans and other mammals. It can also destroy habitats and diminish the quality of the surrounding environment.

We’ll assess the full scale of the oil spill and the impact it has on the soil and buildings of your property. Then, based on our analysis, we’ll create a plan for removing the oil in a safe and non harmful way.


Stay In Compliance with the Law

Another big reason to quickly clean oil spills is to stay in compliance with the law. Even if your oil spill was an unfortunate accident, the local government officials in the county are not going to care. They’ll want the oil spill cleaned up immediately, or else they’ll penalise you for the damage done to the environment.

If you want to comply with the local regulations and avoid legal issues, you should call THB immediately. We’ll perform an emergency oil spill removal service to restore your compliance with the law.


Contact THB Today

THB is the best choice for removing oil spills from properties in Hertfordshire. Our vast reputation for providing quality work and excellent customer service makes us the best in the business.

If you’d like to learn more about THB or our process for removing oil spills, give our office a call at 0800 0146 420.

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