Chewing Gum Removal Croydon

There has been a growing trend of unsanitary behavior amongst gum chewers in Croydon over the years. Many local businesses are reportedly experiencing a high number of incidents involving chewed gum left on the surfaces of their property. People are sticking their chewed gum on desks, floors, bathroom stalls, ceilings, and furniture. Even when there are waste bins nearby, people don’t use them nearly enough to throw away their gum.


Hire a Professional

Please don’t take any chances when it comes to chewing gum removal. Contact a professional chewing gum removal company like THB to clean away the gum from your property.

THB is one of the few chewing gum removal specialists in Croydon with a proven track record of customer satisfaction. We use environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions to ensure that no gum pieces are left behind on your surfaces. It won’t take us long before your property is restored into a gum-free zone.

With all of our chewing gum removal services we use our market leading hydroblaster unit to remove all debris. There is no run off when using our hydro blaster system which means that it is environmentally friendly and all of the waste is stored onboard. We then dispose of all waste matter in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Contact our team at 0800 0146 420 to schedule an appointment for a gum removal procedure.

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